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Enhancing Your Health
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Enhanced Health Products CBD Relief Cream with Emu: "The CBD cream with emu by EHP has helped my hips and knees. The emu has helped reduce the inflammation in my knees. With the added CBD, it really helps alleviate those achy areas that other pain creams cannot touch. The emu helps to penetrate deep without a heavy mentholated smell that Icy Hot leaves behind."

Enhanced Health CBD Gummies: "These gummies are incredible! They taste great and have 20 mg of CBD in each one. I take them before I go to bed every night. I sleep great and I wake up feeling wonderful. My pain levels have gone way down since I started using them. I would recommend them to anyone who has aches or has trouble sleeping."

My old Bear and CBD: "Bear is my 12 year old labrador. He has been an awesome dog but he is getting old and has been moving much slower than he used to. I would watch him get up and feel so bad for him because he looked like really didn't want to move. Then I went to Enhanced Health one day and they told me to try CBD. I did and he is a puppy again. He now jumps and plays with the puppies again."

Enhanced Health CBD 3500mg Drops: "I use the peppermint flavored drops for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After taking the drops for a week or so my anxiety and stress levels went way down. I take a dropper a day and for the last few months have been feeling great. "

CBD Articles

The Science of CBD

CBD is a natural product of the hemp plant, as well as some varieties of citrus and hops, and is found in their oils. Here we will discuss some of the science behind CBD, and what it can do for you.

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How To Use CBD

These days, CBD is available in a huge variety of products and you have quite a few options on how you prefer to take it. Some are looking for convenience and how to incorporate it into a daily routine, and some are seeking whichever way to maximize its therapeutic benefits.

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